Celebrating 40 Years

Celebrating 40 Years

Legal Access Plans celebrates 40 years serving its members recently. In 1971, Legal Access Plans began in Los Angeles as a small company of five attorneys serving a modest amount of regional clients. Today Legal Access is the one of the largest legal plan providers in the United States serving over 12 million employees and offers a number of plans through different brands.

President and CEO, Bob Heston has been with the company for almost thirty of the forty years. " It's a great feeling knowing we have been helping members for forty years. That's alot of people we've connected with and assisted."

The legal plan industry has changed significantly since Legal Access's beginning. Legal Access was one of the first companies in the legal plan business. Legal plans in the United States forty years ago mainly consisted of Access Plans and legal hotlines. Today legal plans are an essential insurance benefit offered as voluntary payroll benefits for employees of many companies across the country. Over the past four decades Legal Access has helped shape several of the legal plan market segments and still maintain a significant presence in the Employee Assistance and WorkLife Company arenas as well.

Chief Operating Officer, Tracy Lalasz has been with the Legal Access since 1994, almost half of the company's life. "The insurance plan LegalGUARD, offers members a much larger financial benefit today than the access plans created in the 1970s. However we still factor our original core beliefs into each of our products. We strive to always connect a member with the best available attorney and make working with that attorney more productive and less intimidating."

Legal Access has made a name for itself by offering a different type of benefit than its competitors. They focus on not only the claim or financial benefit aspect, but also on the person using the benefit. It is no secret that legal issues are stressful. This is where they focus and offer the employee using the benefit and their employer the most return. Every plan uses a concierge type of platform that works with the member throughout their benefit event or legal matter. Legal Access expects many great things to come during its fortieth year. Stay tuned.