Celebrating 45 Years!

Celebrating 45 Years!

LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company, commemorates 45 years of serving members this year. LegalEASE began as a small company of five attorneys serving regional clients in 1971. Today, LegalEASE is one of the largest legal plan providers and serves over 12 million members through a variety of different products.

President and CEO, Bob Heston, has been with the company for over three decades of the 45 years. “In our 45 years of legal plan service, we have helped millions of Americans find experienced and compatible attorneys when unexpected legal problems arose. We are proud of our unique ability to lessen the stress and anxiety of these legal problems by providing attorneys who are compatible with, and a good match for, those Americans who are forced into the American Legal System without warning. Our people and our technology are unmatched in our industry and absolutely dedicated to serving those Americans who do not have much experience in legal system cases navigate their way through the system successfully and with plenty of help.”

Over the years, LegalEASE listened to client companies' needs and the likes and dislikes of members to build flexible legal plans that truly are the best available. Today, legal plans are an essential insurance benefit offered as voluntary payroll benefits for employees of many companies across the country.

Mark Torrison, Senior Vice President, has been with LegalEASE for over a decade. “Over the past 10 years I have witnessed tremendous growth and awareness for our group legal programs. In addition, the partnership we have with Nationwide® has provided even more awareness and focus on how much value LegalEASE brings to the marketplace.”

For the past 45 years, LegalEASE continues to meet their everyday purpose: to ensure that we have helped each and every member to the best of our abilities and to be a company that is easy to work with. With this goal in mind, LegalEASE strives to reach greater heights.