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Benefits Proudly Offered to SONOS Employees


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You deserve to feel prepared and confident when facing a legal matter. The Family Legal Protection Plan, a robust product offering that protects members when it matters most. Legal Access has been putting people in touch with quality local attorneys and helping solve problems since 1971.


The Family Legal Protection Plan offers exclusive access benefits. These Include discounts, flat rates and covered services for common legal needs experienced by employee members.  Identity Theft Prevention & Recovery, Financial Counseling, Budgeting, and Financial Planning benefits are all included with this plan.

The Family Legal Protection Plan is designed with complete family protection in mind.  When an employee enrolls in the Family Legal Protection Plan, free coverage is extended to the spouse and all children up to age 23. Specific benefits, including Estate Planning are extended to the employee's parents and spouse's parents.

How Does it Work?

If and when a legal issue arises for a Family Legal Protection Plan member, Legal Access Plans takes immediate action to match the right attorney for the member's specific legal matter.  Legal Access Plans has implemented a process and the technology to greatly reduce the high costs and lost time when a legal matter arises.  Legal matters can be stressful and Legal Access Plans is there to help every step of the way.


The value of FLPP
Included Legal Benefits:
  •      Initial 30-minute Consultations by phone or in person.
  •     Simple Will or Living Will prepared for eligible family members, one per plan year.
  •     Document Review for many types of legal documents, up to 6 pages in length.
  •     Dispute Resolution to attempt to resolve simple legal disputes, such as a simple contractor dispute.
  •     Guaranteed Reduced Rates – Members receive a 25% discount on Plan Attorney’s hourly rates when legal representation is needed.
  •     Small Claims Court Preparation – Consultation at no additional cost by phone with attorney to help "coach" members on small claims lawsuits.

Exclusive Flat Fee Services:
  •     Traffic Tickets - $89.00
  •     Bankruptcy Chapter 7 - $750.00
  •     Name Change - $155.00
  •     Will with Minor Trust - $170.00
  •     Non-Support (Spouse/Child) - $239.00
  •     Divorce (Simple) - $210.00
  •     Corporation (Regular) - $239.00
  •     Non-Commercial Real Estate - $175.00

*There may be additional fees such as court costs or filing fees.

Plan Cost

The FLPP plan is only $14.00 per month, via payroll deduction.
Plan Rate
Your benefits include a special plan discount of 25% off of the attorneys' normal hourly rates for all covered services that do not have a special rate or any cost attached to them.
Discounted Contingency Fees
Contingency rate discounts apply in those cases where attorneys customarily take a case on a contingency fee [an agreed upon portion of any recovery to you], depending upon what happens when the case ends.
In some cases, contingency fee maximums are set by state law. In these matters, your fee will be the lower of either 10% less than the maximum fee set by state law or the attorney’s usual fee. For example, if your state has a fee maximum of 30%, you would pay the lower of either 27% or the attorney’s usual fee. If the attorney would normally charge 25%, you would pay this percentage because it is the lower rate.
When state laws do not set contingency fee maximums, your guaranteed discounted rate will not exceed:
29% if settled before trial,
36% if awarded during or after a trial, or
40% after an appellate brief is filed
Consultation & Referral*
Your free consultation benefit covers up to thirty (30) minutes in the Plan Attorney's office, over the phone or online with the Plan Attorney. The number of consultations is unlimited, except that each one must be on a different legal matter. Consultations are provided by the local Plan Attorney who is determined to be the best match for your needs by your Personal Access Specialist (PAS).
Document Review*
This benefit is available up to three times each year and can be used for documents that total six pages or less. This can be handled in person with the Plan Attorney, online with the Plan Attorney. 
Dispute Resolution Calls & Letters*
If you and your attorney agree that such resolution will likely resolve your matter, you are entitled to have a phone call or a letter made by your Plan Attorney. This benefit is available up to three times each year.
Simple Will
What constitutes a Simple Will varies by state, so it is difficult to give parameters into which your will must fall in order to be covered. This benefit is provided by completing a Will questionnaire which will be reviewed by a local Plan Attorney. You will have the option to include additional information with your basic Will questionnaire and have the Plan Attorney review your situation and make recommendations for other documents that may be helpful. From the time we receive your Will kit there is typically a four to six week turnaround time for your Will to be completed. Your benefits also cover an annual update of your will each year enrolled.
Living Will
If you have a simple will, your benefits also cover a living will for you and your spouse.
Small Claims Court Preparation Consultation
This benefit is available at no additional charge by phone with the Plan Attorney. Each problem can also be accessed in person with the Plan Attorney or online with the Plan Attorney at a discounted hourly rate.
*If you wish to utilize this benefit you MUST request it when calling our Customer Service Center for the initial referral. This benefit must be authorized prior to calling the Plan Attorney. If you decide after you have already received a referral that you need to utilize this benefit, you must call our Customer Service Center first. Plan Attorneys may not provide this service without authorization.


About the Network of Attorneys
When going in for surgery, you don’t want a surgeon that has a poor track record or only a couple years experience. We feel that a legal need is just as important.
Help Focus Infrastructure
When it comes to finding an attorney, an employee can waste days looking for the right one, even with a legal plan. Our process has a Help Focus Infrastructure. We focus on our relationships with our Providers to help us help your employees, faster. Our Attorney Match Technology and dialogue with attorneys and members ensures the right help the first time. Matching an employee to the right help expedites solutions while saving time and stress.
Standards and Qualifications
The credentialing standards that we utilize to vet our providers is the most stringent in the country. We focus on years of experience, as well as insurance and discipline, as well as penalty of perjury submissions with extensive back ground checks.
Under the Provider Network, your employees will receive legal help from professionals with many of these service characteristics:
  • Experience in the Legal Matter Needed
  • Quality Time Spent in Consultations
  • Years of Legal Training and Experience
  • Up-to-date Legal Training Each Year
  • Lawyers Who are Service-Oriented
  • Lawyers Who Have a Solid Local Reputation in their Communities
  • Exceptional Backgrounds
  • Years of Courtroom and Trial Experience
Provider Standards of Care
The Network Provider shall strive to provide the highest quality of legal representation and service to Plan Members.
Plan Providers agree to the following:
  • To comply at all times with the Rules of Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure and the Rules of Professional Conduct applicable to the jurisdiction.
  • To return member's calls promptly, within one business day, and communicate with members such that a member and the member's family do not voice substantiated concerns over promptness or frequency of your or your firm's communication.
  • To not enter continuances, adjournments, or the like without the member's comfort and consent.
  • To not arrange for substitutions or stand-ins unless the member has been previously advised and that the member understands that you remain responsible for the case and to contact you if there is any concern or if proceedings do not go as planned.
  • To always respect a member, their needs and family.
  • To maintain a professional office, in staffing and appearance.
  • To fully explain yourself such that a member has an understanding for the reasons behind your recommendations and suggestions, even if a member may not hire your firm.
  • To not complete any additional work that will result in a fee to the member, where not covered by the member's plan, until a fee arrangement is fully understood by the member and there is a written agreement.
  • To help each member individually and ensure that everything you do is in the interest of the member.
  • To notify LegalEASE if there is or may be the possibility of a conflict of interest or violation of ethical codes.
  • To notify LegalEASE if there may be a misunderstanding or potential service issue where there may be a complaint without breaking any client confidences.
  • To direct any grievances or concerns, such as process procedure or billing, to Legal Access and not a member.
  • To not refer any member to another attorney without the knowledge and consent of Legal Access if you cannot assist.
  • To take responsibility and uphold the highest standards of customer service delivered by any and all firm staff or employees that have interaction with members.
  • To communicate and cooperate with LegalEASE on any concern, inquiry or issue and return any communication from Legal Access within one business day.


We are here to serve you...


We believe people deserve to have a sense of safety and security, a peace of mind, when it comes to being protected in legal matters that they may not be the experts in. To have access to legal professionals that can ease and solve their legal burdens. We are here to serve you.


How we do it is by providing an in-depth pool of resources to accommodate all your legal needs. Legal Access has broad experiences with employees in small, medium and large companies in the public and private sectors, local, state and federal government offices, unions, employee assistance plans, work-life companies, and organizations, when it comes to solving your legal matters.


What we do is provide value by creating unparalleled access to a network of skilled attorneys to cover your legal needs with options in convenient plans. We are a diversified employee benefits company engaged in administration, network development, technology management and insurance, based in Houston, Texas. Since 1971, we have grown from five attorneys in Los Angeles providing services to a modest amount of companies into a company with the strongest attorney network across America. We provide assistance to members over half of a million times each year throughout the United States and the world.


Legal Access Companies consists of several companies and brands to best meet customer needs, including but not limited to: Legal Plans USA, Legal Access Plans, LegalEASE, and LAMG. Legal Access Plans has a wide array of products across several market segements, including worksite, employee assistance and worklife.