LAMP: LegalEASE Attorney Matching Portal

LAMP: LegalEASE Attorney Matching Portal

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LegalCORNER gives members online access to additional benefits you are enrolled in.

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LegalEASE is expanding our online solution options to members. Introducing the newest online self-service portal, LAMP: LegalEASE Attorney Matching Portal is now available. A system to directly connect members to attorneys. Get Access Now

Designed with a digital-first approach as a priority.

LAMP will better serve our members, providing an enhanced customer experience with quicker matching and connecting to dedicated, qualified attorneys based on members' preferences. Our company has invested $2 million in developing improved technology giving users a new option for accessing solutions to their legal or financial matters.

LAMP allows members the capability of building their ideal attorney profile through a series of preferences ranging from language options, disability accommodations, communication methods and additional DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) needs. 

Members have access to control their selections through an online intake process giving them the ability to connect to the most qualified Plan Attorney in the network most compatible with personal preferences, availability and match to the specific legal needs. LAMP: LegalEASE Attorney Matching Portal gives members quicker access to match and connect to a Plan Attorney in a significantly shorter timeframe. A Plan Attorney can now respond directly to member requests beginning the process of assisting in members' legal matters through automated digital communications.

Take advantage of the LAMP technology and your online member benefit by registering online.















LAMP: 5-Step Process

LAMP Instruction Guide to setup login for LegalCorner


Step 1: Intake

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Form to input basic contact information for the primary policy holder to begin processing request for an attorney referral.









Step 2: Area of Law

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Selections to choose the specific area of law that best fits the legal matter you are experiencing.








Step 3: Legal Details 

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Targeted questionnaire to capture members' concerns and details about the specific legal matter.











Step 4: Preferences 

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Options ranging from language, disability accommodations, communication methods and additional DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) needs members can choose, building their desired attorney profile.







Step 5: Review 

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Verify all the information input is correct and submit case into the LAMP system for attorney matching services. A confirmation email is sent to member with all the details of the legal case.  Once the system has identified an attorney matching the case, members are emailed contact information of the matching attorney.

Member Benefits

THE VALUE of creating your online LAMP account.

Accessing attorneys at your convenience and tracking the progress of your submitted cases through this new online portal. Any LegalEASE Plan member can register to use the LAMP technology to quickly match and connect to an attorney to help assist with their legal matters. Register now to access your benefits.
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LAMP benefits to members:
  • An online solution for your current legal need/situation with the convenience and ease of your computer.
  • Members ability to select preferences and traits needed from an attorney.
  • The LAMP system identifies the best qualified attorneys matching members' preferences.
  • The LAMP system recommends & connects attorneys directly to members quickly after submission.
  • Members save valuable time, eliminating time spent researching an attorney.
  • The online intake process is a simple 5 step process with targeted questions pertaining to the specific legal matter selected.
  • Members can receive guidance from a dedicated Member Specialist ready to assist at any step during the intake process.


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