Thinking of Becoming a Plan Member?

Thinking of Becoming a Plan Member?

Becoming a legal plan member has many benefits, the biggest, peace of mind.

Why do you need legal coverage?

You never know when a legal matter may affect you, and there are times where it is good to use an attorney. The legal world can be complicated and disorienting. As many as 7 out of 10 of your co-workers will have the need for an attorney this year, according to the American Bar Association. This means that each year, only 30% of us will be lucky enough not to have to deal with the stress of a legal issue. And we know that legal matters can be tough without the right help. Without legal benefits, issues can average anywhere from $500.00 to $7,000.00. The LegalGUARD Plan helps protect you, your family and your savings from unexpected legal costs for many issues.

We understand that when you have a legal need, it is the most important event in your life at that moment. We also know that finding an attorney on your own can be stressful and dominate much of your time and attention. Protect yourself and your family with the great value of a plan by Legal Access or LegalEASE.

We have been putting people in touch with quality local attorneys and helping them solve problems since 1971. Our processes are designed to help you save time and to make things less stressful. Also, the providers in our network must meet the most rigorous credentials standards in the market today.

How does the plan work?

Finding the right type of attorney when a need arises can be one of the more stressful tasks when dealing with a legal matter. There are many types of attorneys depending upon what type of issue someone may be facing. So we help you with this first step. We use our experience and relationships with our network providers to match you to the type of attorney you need in the right location, with availability to set up a consultation with you. We see this step as a way to save you time, so you can get back to your busy schedule of work, kids or what ever may be just as important. This step alone can save you hours. If you use an In Network attorney, you don’t have to hassle with claim forms. LegalEASE works directly with the provider to provide your benefits.

We also follow up with you to ensure everything is OK and to see how else we can be of assistance. We believe that good service is essential, especially in a world today where good service is scarce. So when you have a legal, financial, or identity need, to start getting the help you need, just give us a call- it’s that easy.   We will guide you through the steps and be right with you the entire way.

To Enroll:

Your employer has a specific way to enroll you in to your benefit plans. Please see any materials you have been given or emails about your benefits.