EAP/Worklife Companies

EAP/Worklife Companies

Employee Assistance Program and Worklife Benefit Plans

Enhance your Employee Assistance Program or Worklife benefits with the most effective group legal plan, identity theft protection, and financial planning/counseling assistance on the market today. Offer your client companies reduced employee stress, reduced presenteeism & absenteeism, fewer on-the-job accidents, and improved employee recruitment.

Our comprehensive legal plan provides unique personalized assistance and a Life Focus designed to help employees cope with difficult life situations, saving them many hours of wasted time. These type of benefits increase your client organization's productivity through reduced employee absenteeism, lower turnover, and increased employee morale.

Legal Access Companies is the legal plan provider of choice for many of the service minded EAP and Worklife companies in North America. Legal Access provides a variety of plan offereings designed to best serve your platform and members. The EAP and Worklife companies we parnerwith range in size from less than 10,000 covered lives to programs as large as 4 million members. We have years of experience servicing groups in the both the private and public sector; including local, county, state and federal government employees. Legal Access has worked with EAP and Worklife Clients since 1987.

For a sample of the types of wholesale plans we offer EAPs and Worklife companies, please visit our products page.