LegalEASE Method

LegalEASE Method

A Different Method

When a legal problem arises, employees need immediate attention and the right choices to solve the problem as quickly as possible. . .

LegalEASE has a complete “we-do-it-for-you” attitude and a staff and infrastructure to make sure this happens to give each employee the security to know we are solving their legal problem with them.  This signature component of our legal plans is the infrastructure that no other legal plan has. With our featured components- Intake, Matching, Personal Introductions Coaching, Contact Confirmation, and Follow-up – employees know that our professionals are working for them on their problem.  

When a legal problem comes about, certain infrastructure must be in place to help explain, empathetically understand, and effectively solve the employee need.  Many legal plans do not have this internal structural component in place to handle issues, expectations, and differences.


All of this adds up to the fact that with LegalEASE, HR staff is not involved in explaining the legal plan or helping employees who have selected the wrong attorney.  Those plans advocating choose-your-own-attorney with no help on the front-end waste HR staff and broker time. 

The RIGHT balance of benefits, providers and process makes all the difference in the effectiveness of a legal plan. Over the last several decades, our teams have achieved this balance by constantly asking, what can we do better, how can we help more when members need it the most?

We value that we are given the opportunity every day to help thousands of people, their families and their productivity at work. We know that the last thing a member wants when dealing with a legal or financial problem is another dilemma at work. This is why we focus so much on process, expectations, comfort zones, and saving the member time and stress.


Dialogue + A Better Customer Experience & More Value

Over the decades we have learned many things from our members and our experiences of helping them in their time of need. We use these experiences to continually build our service through continual process improvements, making the member experience better and more effective. 

We learned that when someone has a legal need simplicity and trust are essential. That’s why our process is designed with a Help Focused Infrastructure. It does more than just a directory or online look up. It is designed to establish comfort zones, letting them know they are not alone in the process. Most people don’t even know where to start: do I need a child custody or adoption attorney….?  This is why our process is designed to gather the necessary data to Match the employee to the Right provider, not leaving them on their own. Our Member Specialists work with every member during a need, from start to finish, following up with them at each milestone, proactively ensuring quality.

→Dialogue establishes comfort zones, helps focus on needs and reduces the end user’s stress and presenteeism during a legal matter

→Personally introducing a member to a law firm dramatically reduces stress and builds confidence in the relationship 

→Personalized Service builds Comfort Zones allowing trust and more confidence to benefit the experience.


We Built Our Legal Plans with the Goal of a Quality Customer Experience

Each time an employee uses benefits, our Specialists conduct extensive follow-up.  Our Member Services staff has several unique methods of conducting substantial follow-up for every case and deploys a number of methods.  These include:

  • Significant initial intake to proactively ascertain specific client needs
  • Pre-referral introductory call to every Network Attorney to introduce employee to attorney
  • Follow-up at every touch point with Network Attorney for client satisfaction
  • Follow-up with Network Attorneys to ensure satisfaction
  • Periodic Review of service satisfaction with Network Attorneys

The most critical factor is that because of our intake structure and matching systems, we have a higher degree of client contact than other legal plans during the intake, referral and follow-up phases.  As a result, we engage initially in a careful discussion of client needs in locating the right attorney.  Once located, the Personal Assistance Specialists contact the Plan Member regularly, after each attorney touch point, to determine if the client is satisfied with the services rendered and to ensure that the Network Provider has met the client’s service expectations.  Satisfaction with the services rendered, the type of attorney referred and the Network Attorney services is conducted at each contact.

The Most Extensive Follow-up in any Legal Plan – This Follow-up Will Increase Attention and Service Satisfaction for Each Member and Enhance Their Customer Experience.


No Other Plan Focuses on Time Saving and Stress Reduction

A Legal Access | LegalEASE plan saves employees time- a valuable resource to your employees and to your company. Instead of an employee searching an online directory on their own, trying to decide whether a custody or adoption attorney is needed, then taking numerous days off from work to have multiple consultations, Legal Access | LegalEASE proprietary Attorney Match™ technology matches an employee to the RIGHT attorney the first time.  Matching an employee to the RIGHT help expedites solutions while saving time and stress.

Legal Access delivers more experience and a customer service-driven culture by focusing on selecting a different provider model, centered on long-term relationships offering quality services to employees.

Each employee is assisted by a trained Member Specialist who remains their Specialist throughout their legal problem – specialists who are trained to help employees with questions about how to prepare for a consultation, what is normal, questions about benefits and process. A specialist’s entire purpose is to be an advocate for the member.