When going in for surgery, you don’t want a surgeon that has a poor track record or only a couple years' experience. We feel that a legal need is just as important.

The credentialing standards that we utilize to vet our providers is the most stringent in the country. We focus on years of experience, as well as insurance, review of E & O and Discipline, as well as penalty of perjury submissions with extensive background checks.

When it comes to finding an attorney…. an employee can waste days looking for the right one, even with a legal plan. Our process has a Help Focus Infrastructure. We focus on our relationships with our providers to help us help your employees, faster. Our Attorney Match Technology and dialogue with attorneys and members ensures the RIGHT help the first time. Matching an employee to the RIGHT help expedites solutions while saving time and stress.

Thanks to them matching me to the attorney, I got the help I needed. I would have not known who to call on my own. - Plan Member, South Carolina 2009

Best Qualified Service-Oriented Attorneys

We understand how important it is to give your employees experienced help from quality lawyers when they need them.  For this reason, we have set up one of the most developed Network Attorney and Law Firm Providers that help your employees obtain professional, experienced and quality care when they face a personal legal problem.

Under the Provider Network, your employees will receive legal help from professionals with many of these service characteristics:

  • Experience in the Legal Matter Needed
  • Quality Time Spent in Consultations
  • Years of Legal Training and Experience
  • Up-to-date Legal Training Each Year
  • Lawyers Who are Service-Oriented
  • Lawyers Who Have a Solid Local Reputation in their Communities
  • Exceptional Backgrounds
  • Years of Courtroom and Trial Experience