About Us

About Us

LegalEASE, A Legal Access Company, is an employee benefits company that provides an easy to use legal service platform for your employees. Since 1971, LegalEASE continues to provide robust Legal Insurance Plans to employers who see the benefit in providing a valuable service to their employees. Employees need benefits that (1) cover their legal need (2) offer great attorneys to choose from and (3) find a way to connect to the provider they need.
LegalEASE has built software systems to proactively improve how employees find a better attorney for their legal need. At LegalEASE we want for the employee to use their benefit plan, that is why we created a compatibility/matching system that enables employees to search for the best attorney for their legal need that is nearby to them.
We also can provide a LegalEASE Advocate who can walk them through the legal process that will save the employee time and help reduce stress regarding their legal issue. It is important for us to provide a white-glove service to your employees during their most stressful times. We take into consideration the employee’s feelings about their legal issue, and that is why we are able to take that extra step in the attorney search process by providing an Advocate that will help them throughout their case.

Our Strengths

Attorney Network:
For almost 50 years, we have established one of the oldest and most comprehensive networks of attorneys in the legal industry. With over 20,000 participating plan attorneys, LegalEASE is able to offer a high-quality attorney network because we have a rigorous credentialing process, interviewing all of the attorneys and compiling detailed information on each one.
Search for An Attorney:
Not only do we have a comprehensive attorney network, but we provide several and easy ways an employee can search for an attorney. First, we provide the flexibility to use your own attorney. That’s right, we have flexible benefit levels that can permit employees to use their own attorney. Second, the employee can search through our online attorney network. Employees are most familiar with this method of finding a provider because they can conveniently locate and contact a plan attorney by searching for their specific area of law (over 60 areas) and the location of the legal matter. Or third, through our concierge service where members begin by simply calling in and speaking with a live LegalEASE advocate. This is an excellent method for members that do not know where to start, have an escalated or complex legal issue or have no time to contact attorney’s themselves.
Easy to Use:
LegalEASE insurance plans are simple to use and administer because it offers:
  • A streamline process that has HR-friendly service
  • Unique technology that interfaces with small and/or large companies
  • Easy set-up and implementation process
  • An easy-to-understand plan design
  • No administrative or set-up fees charged to HR
  • Compatible enrollment and billing systems

Our Partnerships

Virginia Surety Company, Inc. (VSC)
Since 1997, LegalEASE has had an integrated underwriting relationship with Virginia Surety Company, Inc. (VSC). Virginia Surety is owned by worldwide insurance company, Assurant, Inc. Tens of thousands of LegalEASE members have enjoyed the financial strength and security of the Virginia Surety Company, now Assurant, underwriting.
Formed in 1927, VSC is the Assurant’s principal U.S. property and casualty insurance company that is located in New York. With over 14,000 employees and their combined expertise of market and administration, they hold over 120 fortune 500 company clients. VSC is also an A.M. Best A (Excellent) rated property and casualty insurer.

Our Experience

Since 1971, our company has grown from a group of five (5) attorneys providing services to a modest amount of companies in a metropolitan area, to a network of over 20,000 attorney providers assisting more than 12.8 million employees across several market segments and multiple products. We have a broad experience with small, medium and large clients in the in the public and private sectors, local, state and federal government offices, unions, employee assistance plans, worklife companies, and organizations. Our company provides assistance to members over half a million times each year throughout the United States and the world.