At Legal Access, we consider our culture to be among our most important resources. Over the decades our team members have built our culture into what it is today — an environment for our team members to be creative and grow, have fun and be successful, and help members to the best of their abilities. Today, this culture is the core at our decision making and strategy.

Our Everyday Purpose:

To ensure that we have helped each and every member to the best of our abilities and to be a company that is easy to work with.

Committed to Offering the Best

Over the years, Legal Access has offered legal products with a variety of different approaches, constantly analyzing and refining along the way. We've listened to our client companies' needs and the likes and dislikes of members to build flexible plans that truly are the best available. The right balance of benefits, providers and life focused processes makes all the difference in the effectiveness of a legal plan. Over the last several decades, our teams have achieved this balance by constantly asking, "What can we do better, how can we help more when members need it the most?" We are delighted that every day we are given the opportunity to help thousands of people, their families and the companies they work for via their productivity at work. We know that the last thing an employee wants when dealing with a legal or financial problem is another problem because they missed too much work or their head wasn't in the game. This is why we focus on process, expectations, comfort zones, saving time and reducing stress.