Our most valuable resource is our team. Our people are what makes us great. Meet a few of our team members that you may come in contact with when working with us.

Mr. Heston assumed responsibility for the Legal Access Companies in 1982 and became a pioneer in the early stages of legal plan development. By combining his experience as an attorney and his personal passion to create better access to quality lawyers, he has been instrumental in the development of the proprietary network management infrastructure utilized by LegalEASE. He has been responsible for innovation on all levels of law firm service delivery access and has established LegalEASE as the national leader in legal plan and law firm technology.

Ms. Lalasz began her career with Legal Access Plans in 1994 as a Customer Service Representative and has since experienced every area of company operations. She was appointed Vice President of Operations in 1999 and promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2011. In her current role Ms. Lalasz is responsible for the company’s Information Technology, Member Services, Administration and Network Development departments.

Mr. Torrison commenced his career with Legal Access Plans in 2006. He has over 30 years in the group and voluntary insurance marketplace with particular experience in voluntary benefits. Mr. Torrison is responsible for managing the Broker Service Teams, which interface with brokers and their clients, public or private, and ensure that all broker needs are studied, analyzed and incorporated into the implementation phase of the Company’s legal plans.

Barrett joined the Legal Access | LegalEASE team in 2001. Barrett leads the Information Technology team and oversees the planning and implementation of all custom software, hardware and security systems. Barrett has over twenty years of experience in software development, networking & information security and is currently leveraging that expertise at Legal Access Plans to reliably deliver services and respond to the needs of its clients.

Jerry joined the LegalEASE team in 2015 and brings 6 years of experience selling Legal Plans and over 30 years in the group and voluntary insurance marketplace. Jerry is responsible for selling new legal plans through brokers and their clients. He is experienced working with brokers and clients of all sizes and will ensure that all broker needs are considered when implementing a legal plan.

Jerry holds a Business Degree and an MBA from Youngstown State University. He also holds a Property and Casualty License.

Cindy joined the Legal Access| LegalEASE team in 1998 as a Customer Service Representative. She progressed to Manager of the Member Services Department several several years later. During that time she was instrumental in the development of the personal service initiative that is still a core part of the Legal Access customer service today. Cindy currently leads the Administrative Team which consists of billing, commissions, claims and fulfillment services. One of her popular roles around the office is as the most amazing cup cake maker, ever!

Nick joined the Legal Access | LegalEASE team in 2014 as Controller. Nick is responsible for all accounting functions and financial reporting. With his diverse accounting background in industries such as oil and gas and aviation, Nick is able to apply different strategies to enhance the accuracy of the company's reported financial results. 

Prior to joining Legal Access Plans in October 2014, Krissy graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a BS degree in Public and Organizational Communication.  After college, she worked for eight years in front office management of the luxury hospitality industry, with companies such as the St Regis and Ritz Carlton.  During her time with the Ritz Carlton, she opened hotels in locations across the country, including Fort Lauderdale, FL, Charlotte, NC and San Francisco, CA.

Jim joined LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company in 2014 as Account Executive. He has over 20 years of experience with building relationships with clients. Today, Jim builds relationships with clients and helps them with their needs. His diverse background includes a variety of roles, including account management, sales, project management and operations management.

Jim received his Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston. He is also a huge baseball fanatic and a Houston Astros fan. Jim also caches his son's little league team.

Courtney joined LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company in 2016. In her role, she advises in legal matters pertaining to LegalEASE, interprets policy language and ensures regulatory compliance in all fifty states. She also reviews all claims, oversees the process and payment of claims and helps create new policies.

Steve joined the Legal Access | LegalEASE team in 2019 as the Director of Administration. Steve’s group handles the Enrollment, Fulfillment of the members, in addition to Premium reconciliation. His current focus is to review the work flows of his department to look for process improvement opportunities in order to provide excellent customer service to both his internal and external clients.

Vanessa joined LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company in September of 2014. She started as a Provider Specialist then applied for the Implementation Manager position in April of 2017.

As Implementation Manager, Vanessa works almost exclusively with new clients. She makes sure all parties have the information needed to have a successful enrollment and a smooth transition when first working with LegalEASE. Vanessa enjoys learning something new about the American Legal System every day in her past and current roles.

Joy joined LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company in 2016 as the Manager of the Member Services Department. Joy strives to lead the Member Services Team by teambuilding and motivating the team to reach their full potential. She oversees all cases, reports team updates and sets department goals. With 16 years of experience in customer experience and management, Joy serves as a leader and motivator to the Member Services Team. Joy has attended Loyola University, Houston Community College and is currently attending the University of Houston to pursue a degree in business management.

Scott has been with Legal Access Plans since 2006. Scott resolves quality issues, both internal and external, and reports back to our clients as to the root cause and proposed solution. He also proactively utilizes this information to prevent similar issues from arising in the future. He believes that every error is a chance to examine our processes to determine if we can make our processes more accurate and more efficient.

Wendy joined LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company in 2015 as part of the Member Services Department. A short three months later, she seized the opportunity and was promoted to Billing Coordinator.