The Network Provider shall strive to provide the highest quality of legal representation and service to Plan Members.

Plan Providers agree to the following:

  1.    Comply at all times to Rules of Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure & Rules of Professional Conduct applicable to the jurisdiction.
  2.    Return member's calls promptly within one business day, continuous communicate with members.
  3.    Member or family do not voice substantiated concerns over promptness or frequency of firm's communication.
  4.    Do not enter continuances, adjournments, or the like without the member's comfort and consent.
  5.    Do not arrange for substitutions or stand-ins unless the member has been previously advised.
  6.    Member understands that you remain responsible for the case.
  7.    Contact member if there is any concern or if proceedings do not go as planned.
  8.    Always respect a member, their needs and family.


  1.     Maintain a professional office, in staffing and appearance.
  2.     Fully explain yourself so member has a complete understanding for reasons behind your recommendations and suggestions, even if a member may not hire your firm.
  3.     Don't complete any additional work that will result in a fee to the member, where not covered by the member's plan, until a fee arrangement is fully understood by the member and there is a written agreement.
  4.     Help each member individually and ensure that everything you do is in the best  interest of the member.
  5.     Notify LegalEASE if there is or may be the possibility of a conflict of interest or violation of ethical codes.


  1.     Notify LegalEASE if there may be a misunderstanding or potential service issue.
  2.     Prompt communication of member complaint without breaking any client confidences.
  3.     Direct any grievances or concerns, such as process procedure or billingto LegalEASE, not member.
  4.     Don't refer any member to another attorney without the knowledge and consent of LegalEASE.
  5.     Take responsibility and uphold the highest standards of customer service

           delivered by any and all firm staff or employees that have interaction with members.

  1.     Communicate & cooperate with LegalEASE on any concern, inquiry or issue.
  2.     Return any communication from LegalEASE within one business day.