Become a Provider

Become a Provider

Stand Out from the Crowd & Increase Your Client Base

LegalEASE, a LEGAL ACCESS Company, is one of the oldest and most selective legal plans in the US. With over 12 million members and growing, we are continuously expanding our Provider Network with expert, knowledgeable attorneys.


Our FIRST Priority is referring members to attorneys and providing the best customer experience & expert knowledge relating to a specific legal matter while matching attorney availability. With over 45 years of growth & development, our proprietary matching methodology and technology can be custom tailored to your firm, maximizing visibility and offering the best potential member referrals.



We have a Provider Specialist Team  who work directly with your firm to discuss potential referrals, as well as platforms that connect you and your firm with the most relevant member cases matching your expert knowledge of law being practiced. 

Our commitment to member needs is mirrored by our commitment to continuously expanding our Plan Attorney Network.

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Our Provider Specialist Team is available throughout the week day, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time, to provide information regarding member benefits, plan coverage and firm visibility.

Provider Specialists are trained to evaluate the client's area of law and location of the legal matter, legal matter complexity, along with other factors including requested attorney demeanor, conflicts of interest and availability. Our proprietary Matching  Methodology and Technology allow LegalEASE to bring potential member referrals most relevant to you and your firm.