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I'm so thankful for the help I got from the attorney, he is awesome and went above and beyond, he is the man. And I'm grateful for all the help I got from him. And thank you for all your help. Your company has been wonderful and I appreciate the follow ups and assistance, hopefully I will never have to use the benefit again but if I ever do, I know I'll get great service. --Plan Member


Thank you so much for all your help and efforts. The attorney you connected me with saved me from a ruined credit score. Due to LegalEASE and the attorney, I got the help I need. I shall recommend you, your company and the attorney to others as my heroes. Once again thank you very much! --Plan Member


I am so pumped! We just used our legal services and WOW!!!!! We are impressed! Thank you! --Plan Member


Thank you. I am so glad that my employer has a benefit program like this for us. It truly does what it says, allows employees to be all they can be. With the assistance at this moment in my time of need I am able to work with diligence and take care of personal self.  --Plan Member



I went to my appointment with the referred plan attorney from Legal Access Plans yesterday...I really liked him and after speaking with him I know I have found someone I want to use for my future needs... I am very pleased. Because of this benefit the company offers, I have the peace of mind I need. This benefit is just another reason I enjoy working for my company... --Plan Member


I have used almost all of my benefits offered by my employer over the last twenty years. I have always been pleased with them, but felt it necessary to write you to tell you that I am very impressed with yours. I highly recommend your plan to coworkers. --Plan Member


Your service is excellent. Legal Access communicated with me throughout my need and had superior follow through. The attorney was not able to wave a magic wand and make my troubles go away but was able to provide the valuable information regarding my legal need. This is what I was hoping for, education. Thank you! --Plan Member


Thanks to them matching me to the attorney, I got the help I needed. I would have not known who to call on my own. --Plan Member


Dear Managers, I have been receiving phone calls, follow up phone calls and returned phone calls for more than six months. I have never experienced such commitment to customer service, correction, quality customer service in my 24 years of work experience. I have had the opportunity to work in law offices, for government contracting entities, and in healthcare, not to mention day to day contact with other companies my entire life.... and I cannot say that any other person or company can come close to matching the commitment exhibited in quality customer service.

On my journey into the office earlier this week, I came upon a lady in a SUV that appeared to be stalled on the road. All of a sudden there was one man pushing the stalled SUV from behind, pushing her to safety. Soon another man stopped his truck on the side of the road and jumped out and began to push the SUV too. Then they were quickly joined by another man who ran out from a parking lot and began to push. This visual reminds me of your company's commitment. This experience has pushed me to remind others that we all should do our own part in helping people and making sure things are running well. --Plan Member


Legal problems are never easy, but I am absolutely grateful that my employer had this program in place that got me to the right lawyer that kept me from losing my house. --Plan Member


It was abundantly clear to me that all of you paid extremely close attention to this case.  It appeared to me that all stops were pulled out to ensure everything possible was being done to respond in the manner (and timeframe) requested. For this, we thank you. I have no doubt that this client will again utilize the service, if and when they need to.--Plan Member


I also had my will done, and the plan worked beautifully! --Human Resource Manager


From all of the Legal Plan providers we looked at Legal Access Plans, LLC and LegalEASE provided the most comprehensive plan design for the lowest possible cost in the marketplace. I only wish we had found them years ago. --John Rockwell, VP, Cennarius Insurance


Thank You Again! This is what I call " Raving Fan Service" --Broker