Happy Independence Day, Texas!

Happy Independence Day, Texas!

March 2 marks the Independence Day of Texas! In 1836, Texas declared independence from Mexico1. It was from this revolutionary time where the stories of battles at the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto took place. During this era, Texas' most famous heroes emerged, such as James Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, William B. Travis, Collin McKinney, Stephen F. Austin, and a host of many others.

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Texas Fun Facts2

  • Houston recently hosted the Super Bowl.
  • Texas state flower: bluebonnet.
  • Texas state tree: pecan.
  • Texas state bird: mockingbird. Other states that have the mockingbird as their state bird include: Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee3.
  • Texas is known as "The Lone Star State."
  • The six flags that have flown over Texas are: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confererate States, and the United States.
  • Austin is considered the live music capital of the world.
  • The Capitol in Austin, TX is seven feet higher than the capitol in Washington, DC.
  • The first word spoken from the moon was, "Houston."


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