Legal Help During Major Disasters

Legal Help During Major Disasters

Ida is a massive hurricane. We, in Houston, all have family and friends in the direct path of Ida and my heart is heavy this morning looking at the impact of that storm. We recognize that you have employees in Louisiana, and we are prepared to help any of them, and their families, affected by this storm as best we can.  

We are putting resources in place for information regarding any legal issue your members and employees have. We are helping our Plan Attorneys get back up and running after the storm, although we may need a bit of patience as they put their lives and practices back together. Please let us know if any member needs help. We are prepared to extend benefits in a manner that will get each member the help they need. 

In addition, the LegalCorner is available for any of the employees of any client company who may need legal or financial assistance as a result of the hurricane:  

We were grateful in Hurricane Harvey for the help from so many people in Louisiana. We will be in this help mode all week for your employees if we can help.  And our prayers are with you and your families who were and are in Ida’s path. 


Robert L. Heston, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer