LegalEASE Launches Domestic Violence Awareness Initiative with Donation Drive to Assist Survivors of Domestic Abuse

LegalEASE Launches Domestic Violence Awareness Initiative with Donation Drive to Assist Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Houston, TX - LegalEASE, a leading provider of legal insurance plans for employers, has announced the launch of its Domestic Violence Awareness Initiative, which aims to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse. As part of the initiative, LegalEASE conducted an Employee Donation Drive, which provided a significant economic boost to Families to Freedom, a local organization dedicated to assisting survivors to safely leave situations of domestic and intimate partner violence.

"LegalEASE's Domestic Violence Awareness Initiative is incredibly honored to support Families to Freedom's brave mission to assist domestic violence victims during the most critical stage of survival - transporting victims to safety," said Tracy Lalasz Finn, LegalEASE's Chief Strategy Officer. "We are beyond proud of our staff for stepping up during our first donation drive, with over 56% participation company-wide. The funds and physical donations collected will help over 30 families escape violent situations with food and blankets and get to a safe place where they can take the first steps to rebuild their lives."

Families to Freedom, which began service in October 2015, addresses the lack of available shelter for domestic violence victims. According to The Institute for Urban Policy Research At The University of Texas at Dallas, in 2015, an average of 630 callers to Dallas shelters each month are denied service due to a lack of space. Families to Freedom provides survivors of domestic violence with free long-distance transportation to reunite with family or get to a shelter far away. The organization is working with ten area shelters, hospitals, and various police departments.

LegalEASE, which has been offering robust legal insurance plans to employers since 1971, has the largest and most developed Plan Attorney Network in the industry, with over 20,560 attorneys and strict credentialing standards. The company's unique Matching and Compatibility infrastructure ensures high-touch professional services that have saved companies and employees money, time, and unnecessary stress. LegalEASE is committed to building a coalition of partners and resources to help even more families and victims and stop domestic violence. The company looks forward to a continued partnership with Families to Freedom in support of this important cause.

For more information on Families to Freedom, please visit their website at