Taking the Necessary Precautions during Icy Weather

Taking the Necessary Precautions during Icy Weather


Being located in Houston, our office is not used to the sudden icy conditions the city has been experiencing lately. Roads are filled with sleet and it’s only expected to keep freezing. If you are going through the same situation, we at LegalEASE want to make sure you stay safe with some helpful tips on how to handle these icy conditions.

1.     Firstly, it is highly recommended that you stay home if possible. Avoid putting your life at risk as safety is most important.

2.     If you absolutely must get out on the roads, it’s suggested to drive slowly as it gives you more control over your vehicle. Remember to allow yourself enough time to brake and do other maneuvers, as it takes longer for the vehicles to do so in icy roads.1

3.     Take the roadways and avoid bridges and overpasses, as they may be the first to freeze over.1

4.     Check your tire pressure, as the pressure tends to go down about one or two PSI during winter months. If the pressure is low, your vehicle can react slower to your steering, therefore causing you to have less control over your vehicle on icy roads.2

5.     If your car starts to skid, always remember to steer it in the direction of the skid and don’t slam the brake pedal, as it may make things worse.3

6.     Remember to completely defrost your car before heading out. Remove all ice from your windows and give yourself the best possible visibility to take on the roads.2

Remember your safety is important, avoid being outside and only drive if you absolutely must!



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