Why Does My Family Need a Legal Plan in a Recession?

Why Does My Family Need a Legal Plan in a Recession?

Considering the 9.1% inflation over the summer and the potential recession, why do I need a legal plan to protect my family?

It is during these times, those plagued with an economic uncertainty that is filled with talks on inflation and recession, that LegalEASE’s fully insured legal plan provides the most protection for your family. In fact, LegalEASE’s two-component strategy ensures Legal Plan Members, and prospective Members, receive the legal plan benefits necessary to help them through these recessionary times.

The cause for immediate concern is simple: Suddenly, the legal insurance plan can be the central piece holding your family’s assets and savings intact. Can it sustain the current scenarios?

LegalEASE can. The LegalEASE legal plan that is always there for protection can be the one solution that saves the assets of you and your family when money is tight, and expenses are huge.


Because the LegalEASE legal insurance plan provides paid-in-full coverage - it pays the entire legal bill - of most every legal problem that will arise in an employee’s personal/family life. That $16 - $20 a month plan can cover $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, and more of legal expenses. It can save an employee’s house from foreclosure. It can help an employee stay out of bankruptcy and keep their assets. It can provide legal advice to “scare” away creditors seeking to collect past due debts. It can be there to protect you from financial disaster in the next few months.

Right now, many of your financial problems could explode into legal problems in the next 6-9 months. Employees without legal insurance coverage will be faced with foreclosure, liens, underwater property values, debt collection, credit card bills, demand letters, disastrous credit scores, astronomical mortgage payments, evictions, past due rent, landlord violations, and hundreds more legal problems that arise when one experiences a sudden loss of income.

The LegalEASE Legal Plan protected employee families throughout COVID-19. Now it can be there for you and your family during the economic uncertainty ahead.


  • Student Loan Refinancing
  • Lease Payments
  • Mortgage Payments
  • Loss of Income
  • Loan Forgiveness 


  • Past Due Payments 
  • Liens
  • Refinancing of Primary Residence 
  • Local Tax Liabilities 
  • “Underwater” Property Values Loan


CreditCard Bills / Debt

  • Debt Collection Defense Fradulent Charges 
  • Demand Letters 
  • Cedit Score 
  • Past Due Balence 
  • Payment Consolidation

Landlord / Tenant

  • Evictions 
  • Lease Provisions 
  • Past Due Rent 
  • Live-In Guests 
  • Local Ordinance Violations 
  • Landlord Violations, Trash, Premises, etc. 

The Problem

Right now, thousands of employees are or are about to face extreme financial hardships. In many cases, employees may be laid off and have less income. There are also those who may still have a job but are suffering through other losses like their spouse's income, hospital bills, credit card bills, landlord issues, and a number of those mentioned above. Like all legal problems, there will be a slight delay before they turn into a real high-cost legal issue starting anywhere from the thousands and in some cases to tens of thousands of dollars.

Four to seven months from now these legal and financial problems will explode and employees will be forced into the legal system with virtually no legal help.

Enroll in the LegalEASE Legal Plan now and sleep safely protected.